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chubby_fashions's Journal

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FINALLY! There is a community for the chubby and their wonderful fashion tastes! This is a place where all of us girls(and of course the wonderful guys are welcome too) to come and share fashion tips, good buys, home made items, new trends, good stores, or anything at all!


I'm going to try and keep this very very basic...

1. Follow all of the Live Journal TOS, we don't want to be getting into any trouble!
2. Try not to make extremley irrelevant posts, we really don't care what you ate for dinner.
3. No Negetivity. There is a difference between voicing your opinon and being a jerk. Please be polite to everyone, we are not here to judge. If you don't like something it's okay to say so, just do it in a tasteful manner.
4. The most important rule, HAVE FUN!

Maintainer Info:

LJ username: heartxglass
AIM screenname: heartxglass
E-Mail: heartxglass@yahoo.com